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Building and maintaining friendships requires a whole host of extra responsibilities and consistent connections. Relationships simply bring too many things to do and to consider, adding to stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Women (with ADD) feel, at some level, that developing more relationships or even a few relationships to a deeper point will put them over the top. When this happens, they often begin to avoid others, withdraw and then feel lonely and isolated.

In addition to beginning and maintaining relationships, many women have let established relationships slip away. Small occasions and important events with other people are missed: there are an increasing number of missed thank-you notes, missed birthdays, or invitations that are not reciprocated. The connections just aren’t kept up, and eventually they’re gone. They then anticipate scolding, rejection, or negative reactions when they think about trying to reconnect or rectify a situation, so they tend to avoid them altogether. While this may be true for everyone to some extent, women with AD/HD with particular histories or wounds are especially sensitive to and avoidant of this kind of potentially critical feedback further increasing the negative cycle.

This is because being good at relationships goes to the core of their identity as women. Men are more often easily forgiven for these relational lapses since it’s not so much a part of out culturally established gender role expectations. Because they don’t expect it of themselves, they don’t attach shame, guilt, and feelings of failure to it when they let relationships lapse. The challenge and the goal is to find a way to stay connected without being overwhelmed.

Women with Attention Deficit Disorder by Sari Solden MS, LMFT (via hellbody)

lots of this information feels relevant to my experience and comparing the generalized experiences of women and men is interesting for me too with the confusing way i’ve been socialized or what has been expected from me in my life…..

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horse mare piss and grapefruit and yams and licorice root





Liquorice root is an anti androgen and pregnant mare’s urine is a good source of estrogen, though you might have to process it a bit. (The consumer drug PreMarin is literally made from it.)

I don’t know about grapefruit and yams though.

grapefruit noticeably increases your estrogen absorption and encourages your body to produce more estrogen on its own, wild yams contain a compound that is nearly identical to certain estrogen (and some script progesterones are made entirely out of wild yam)

Saw Palmetto is also a very strong anti-androgen (at high doeses can have the same affects as spiro)
Lavender oil (which is in a lot of lavender products but you can also get by making a lavender infusion or smoking lavender) also has strong estrogenic properties (like, strong enough that there are warnings against its ~toxic feminizing effects~)

 idk why we’re doing the herbs but there’s some more for ya’


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